Mother Nature's 9.5 pH

It is a slow process that starts with a single drop falling towards one of the most down-poured areas in the world. Landing in the lush tropical mountains of Puerto Rico.  


Each drop then slowly filters throughhundreds of feet of soils rich in minerals and vast layers of volcanic rock,making each drop perfect feet by feet. 

The slow filtering process which is power by the natural force of gravity, moves the water through layers of natural occurring minerals which gives alkah2o its unique natural 9.5pH. 

Finally landing in a vast tropical aquifer that delivers the rarest water on earth. This amazing water is preserved by Mother Nature 580' below ground surface. Away from environmental pollution, where not even light can get. This is alkah2o and every bottle is a journey from deep down to you! The smoothest, cleanest, most refreshing water you will ever find.